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Mezzanine Floor Conveyors

mezzanine-conveyorIncline mezzanine floor belt conveyors

We have developed a specific expertise for powered belt conveyors to move products to and from mezzanine floors of varying heights. Floor heights have generally been in the range of 2.5 to approx. 6 metres, mostly in one stage and sometimes two stages.

We have designed mezzanine floor belt conveyors to handle loads from 150 kg UDL to our 750 kg UDL heavy-duty mezzanine floor belt conveyors.

The main features of our mezzanine floor belt conveyors are:

  • Proven reliability - rugged construction.
  • Power feeder belt section option at bottom
  • Smooth nose-over section option at top.
  • Reversible one-man operation.
  • Safety controls with photo sensors top and bottom with auto-restart function.
  • End or centre drive options with braked drive motor when required.
  • Safety side and under-guarding.

incline-conveyorWe have supplied and installed many mezzanine floor powered belt conveyors direct to end users and via specialist mezzanine floor/fitting out contractors. We have handled a very wide range of products - electrical goods, bulky items such as bedding/mattresses, furniture, textiles, home products etc.

This is a specialised product requiring careful consideration at the initial design stage. Please click on the News/Case Studies heading and read the News Update dated 27/01/14 describing a recent example of a high level mezzanine floor installation.

Please also go to to see the recent Press article on this project.

The next page describes in detail the approach to designing safe mezzanine floor conveyor systems

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